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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 6, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now crowds are easing after a busy morning as metro's safetrack pramg faces its first weekday commute. i'm barbara harrison with the major problem spots and adjustments you made to get to work today. >> and i'm eun yang. we're watching the case in the trial in boston of the death of freddie gray. >> i'm meteorologist chuck bell sun is shining and temperatures warming quickly around here. meanwhile all interests on the gulf of mexico as tropical storm colin gets ready to make landfall late tonight. >> news 4 midday starts now.
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as metro began first monday morning on safetrack program. train malfunction slowed things down during the commute. from now until next thursday trains are single tracking between east falls church and ballston for metro's safetrack program. orange line trains between vienna and new carroll operating every 18 minutes instead of six minutes. let's get to molette green how things are going from the boston station. >> reporter: barbara, good morning. things have really calmed down, the morning rush is over just this morning though, we heard again from the general manager an urgent call to passengers who can take other means of transportation to do so. in fact, one cabbie drove up to us where we were standing and said basically people are not using their services, they're not surcharging, so that is an option. but we can tell you as far as on the train we really saw the impact of reduced
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>> right hand side of the platform, next train to downtown d.c. >> reporter: at 7:30 a.m. crowds build. a mad rush to board trains. >> this is the first day. >> reporter: first morning rush hour since metro's safetrack plan kicked in in northern virginia. >> yes, ma'am, on that side -- >> reporter: single tracking on the orange and silver lines with trains running about every 18 minutes. >> definitely more than 20 minutes longer than i usually would take. but then, you know, i woke up a little early knowing this. outside workers hand out pamphlets. >> where does this head to? >> reporter: explaining the plan to make critical repairs in the system. here at the ballston station, shuttle buses run every ten minutes taking passengers to and from east falls church. some passengers adjusted their schedules for a longer than expected commute. >> like ten or fifteen minutes
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p r(t&háhp &hc% so i know later in the summer i'll have to adjust my schedule a little more. >> reporter: it's an adjustment that will take some getting used to as metro's yearlong maintenance expands to other parts of the system. >> when cutting the system down from six-minute headwinds to 18, cut by two-thirds, you can imagine the impact it's going to have. we have to make sure we maintain as much capacity for those people that don't have any other options. >> reporter: and take a look here are the pamphlets that metro workers are handing out. those are the guys you see behind me in the bright yellow vests. this will help guide you through this yearlong maintenance plan. so passengers who need to ride the rails can plan ahead. that is the latest live from outside the ballston metro station. molette green, news 4, back to you. >> thanks. to accommodate extra traffic because of the program parking restrictions are being implemented. morning and evening rush hours
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on certain busy corridors. that means there will be emergency parking restrictions along these streets. signs are posted letting you know when you can and cannot park in a certain area. metro officials are urging commuters to use buses as much as possible, both metro bus and the fairfax connector will add rush hour trips in areas effected by metro's safe track program. to find a route that works best for you, open up our nbc washington app and search safe track. if you need another option to help you get to work, a wo woodbridge man is creating new slug line pickup sites at the vienna metro south side with peak hours between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. then at the fog by got tom metro with peak hours between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. >> the driver can driver quicker not sitting in the traffic or taking local roads waiting in the traffic. that helps them reduce time. >> there is an app that lets you know in realtime whether slugs or drivers
11:05 am and search slugs. coming up in the next half hour we'll have a live report from kristin wright at the east falls church metro station. she rode the rails this morning during the height of the rush hour. she'll let you know what she found out. and good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. all eyes on the weather department down across the gulf of mexico as tropical storm colin formed late yesterday afternoon into the overnight hours. center of the storm now here just to the west of tampa, florida. it's moving to the northeast at 16 miles per hour. it will have very little of the way in impact on our weather. here's washington, you can see the forecast cone from the national hurricane center keeps the real influence of the system well to our south. and most of the punch on this storm is on the right hand side of it, so as a result we'll get even less of an impact. we're dry around here, but if you're traveling down towards florida or georgia, an awful lot of very unsettled weather down
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well. talking about our weather locally and how nice it's going to be midweek in just a couple more minutes. back to you. breaking news in the freddie gray death case out of baltimore. we're just learning the officer facing the most serious charges will not face a jury. this morning caesar goodson chose to have his case heard by a judge only. this is him arriving at the circuit courthouse early this morning. he was driving the police van when freddie gray's spine was injured. gray died a week later. he's charged with second degree depraved hard murder. he's the only one of the six police officers facing a murder charge in this case. prosecutors saying goodson grossly negligent when failing to buckle gray into a seat belt and call for medical help. remember edward nero also chose a bench trial in this case, he was acquitted on all the charges against him. also learning there were two motions to dismiss this case from goodson, the judge denied both of those motions, barbara. >> thank you, aaron. we're working to lear
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about a deadly train crash. a csx train struck and killed a man in laurel this morning. lateral police found the man dead on the tracks near lafayette avenue. he was 25 years old. the train was empty at the time. police have not told us the man's name or why they believe he was on the tracks. and we have a developing story in washington right now. deadly shooting here. d.c. police say a man was shot and killed on 53rd street southeast near c street. happened last night. they haven't told us his name or whether they have arrested anyone in this case. right now court is back in session in the trial against a virginia lawyer accused of brutally attacking a mcclain couple. today, jurors will see texts sent between andrew schmuhl and his wife just before that 2014 attack. defense attorneys hope to prove he was so heavily medicated that he was impaired and was just following his wife's orders when he assault ed lia fisher and hi wife
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in a capitol hill rape case. accused of sexually assaulting a mother inside her home on a street in southeast d.c. this happened in october. pitt is also accused of committing a string of crimes over two weeks including cutting off his gps ankle monitor while on probation before the attack. getting closer, why many political observers say hillary clinton could hit the magic number this week. and lock up the democratic nomination for president. plus, marijuana use. poll results out this morning, who should be allowed to use it. one gro up
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just into the live desk, the u.s. supreme court will examine how legislative districts are set up in virginia. this morning the justices added this case to their fall docket. they're going to review a districting plan for the state house of delegates that challengers say illegally packs black voters into a dozen districts making neighboring districts safer for republicans. just last week a federal appeals court in richmond upheld 11 of 12 districts saying challengers failed to prove race was a leading factor in composing those districts. that is the latest from the live desk, barbara, over to you. >> aaron, thanks. happening today in just a couple of hours we're going to know if the family of that little boy who fell into that gorilla exhibit will face charges.
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1:00 today. the boy fell into the exhibit on may 28th after climbing over a barrier. a special response team later shot and killed the 17-year-old gorilla. a veteran news photographer awarded as one of the best in the business has died. david and his interpreter died yesterday in southern afghanistan. gilke is in the right in this picture. he was on assignment when his convoy came under attack. for a closer look at his accomplishments, search npr journalist in our nbc washington app. turning to presidential politics now. hillary clinton is now fewer than two dozen delegates short of what she needs to capture the democratic presidential nomination. she won yesterday's primary in puerto rico by a 2-to-1 margin over bernie sanders. with nomination all but certain, clinton is turning attacks to the presumptive gop nominee now, donald trump. >> i'm going to point out at
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why i believe the republican nominee should never get near the white house. >> trump is in new york this morning. he was supposed to meet with the governor of florida, but the governor canceled last night to stay home and monitor a tropical storm developing off the coast. both democratic presidential hopefuls are in california today making multiple stops. and today marks the 72nd anniversary of d-day. about an hour ago a ceremony commemorating the anniversary took place at the national world war ii memorial. veterans in attendance looked on as the presentation of colors was held. a wreath laying ceremony also took place. nearly 2,500 people died in the normandy invasion. several places including d.c. have legalized marijuana. and we're getting a sense of what americans think about that. in a new poll from quinnipiac university, 54% of the public said they were in favor of legalizing marijuana. that wasn't a big majority, but the number jumped a
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asked whether they agreed with marijuana for medical use. 89% said adults should legally be allowed to use marijuana if prescribed by a doctor. 87% said it would be okay as a way of treating veterans' ptsd. the margin of error in the poll was plus or minus 2.5%. nbc 4 is working for you in the community to help fund nonprofits with fresh ideas to move our community forward. once again we are joining with the nbc universal foundation to give $100,000 to three local organizations. this is the fifth year we have given these grants. details on how to apply are at search 21st century solutions. so, do you know the difference between the washington humane society and the washington animal rescue league? nothing anymore. now the two have joined forces. they got married and here to tell us why they're merging and how together they're going to be serving 60,000 animals each year
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welcome back. >> thank you very much. nice to see you. >> you brought with you? >> i have por sschporsche. i think she maybe sees the food. >> she knows she has treats waiting for her. >> yeah. >> tell us why did you all decide to merge? the two organizations. most of us didn't know there was a big difference between them. >> that's the interesting thing is most people in the community didn't know there was a difference. and the truth is that while maybe 20 or 30 years ago there was, as time went on we are becoming more and more alike in our mission, our philosophy and beliefs about the future. so we felt like it's the best thing for the organization, the mission, the community for us to become one. >> so these days if your dog has run away and -- who do i call, the rescue league or the humane society, you have one number. >> we have one number. so you call our new york facility where you bring the animals. we're coming up with a new name to christen this organization so we have a fresh new
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it's the one name. >> i understand with four locations you'll be able to get all kinds of services including buying dog food? >> everything. we're going to have a pet supply store, a training center, outreach programs for the low income community, a vet hospital. virginia tech is going to place senior year veterinary students on our site to help us take care of the animals. that's our next project. >> now, who funds the two organizations? who funded them before? what's going to happen now? >> so the vast majority of our funds come from private citizens, from corporations in the d.c. area, from local and national foundations. a very small portion comes from a contract we have with the district of columbia, but the vast majority comes from private donors. >> and speaking of that. >> yes. >> we know the big bark burro is coming up this weekend, right? >> it's this saturday night. it's the only event where
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can bring your dog as a date. >> your date is a dog. and the dogs get dressed up, right? >> they do. they have tuxedos and gowns and tutus and get their nails done. they are amazingly well behaved. they come 600 strong. because about 1,000 people or more come to this event. and it is just phenomenal to see. it's a real celebration of this merger. >> this is your fifth anniversary for the bark ball? >> the 29th. >> oh, goodness. wow! that's been very successful for you. how much do you expect to raise? >> probably about $650,000. >> that will go a long way in helping with a lot of the animals especially those who come to need adoption or if they are adopted you have another program, right? >> actually, the vast majority of our animals are adopted. some are lost and return to their owners, but 92% find homes. >> i was referring to the foster care program. >> oh, yes. >> people take care of them until they find a home. >> that's right. >> lisa, so great to see you.
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>> yes. and por ssche wants you to buy tickets for the bark ball. >> she sees herself. we will take your advice and buy tickets, por sha. thanks so much, lisa. >> thank you. thank you for having us. >> what's your website? >> >> all right. thanks for coming. we are learning more this morning about the new miss usa who represents the district of columbia. her impressive resume after the break, plus latest on tropical storm colin churning right now in the gulf of mexico. how florida residentare s
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right now major wildfire is finally under control. take a look at the flames from the fire in calabasas. this is outside of l.a. it was threatening thousands of homes, but firefighters say it is now 80% contained. they are allowing people back in their houses if they can go back. >> we heard the helicopters, and i didn't think around here i walked out and could see the smoke and fire coming by. >> there were widespread evacuation orders, but they are pretty much all over now. the fire reached several buildings, but we don't know the extent of the damage. hundreds of people are running from the floods in texas right now. the rain is back today and the fl
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people from their homes. there are widespread evacuation orders in the town of angleton near the gulf of mexico. as of this morning the floods have been blamed for 16 deaths. later tonight is when the rain will fall in florida. tropical storm colin is in the gulf right now. to get ready for landfall, emergency teams are giving out sandbags and opening shelters across the state. the storm could dump as much as eight inches of rain on florida and even cause tornadoes in some places. >> the rain moved out in our area, right? >> did we get any yesterday? >> depends where you live. we had severe weather in northern maryland and on the pennsylvania border, but nair a drop in downtown or northwest. >> we were waiting for it, i turned my trees over, umbrellas, everything. >> i like the lower humidity and no rain now. >> that's why our rain chance yesterday was at 80%, not 100%. because sometimes those afternoon thunderstorms are hard to pinpoint exactly where they will occur. outside for today what a beauty of a day it is. there's the view from
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c -- city camera. good to be on the boat if you have the day off. the rain is over. we are back in the sunshine now and it's going to be toasty warm outside today. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. no threat for rain today, and only a slight little chance for a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon before we go right back to dry weather wednesday, thursday and friday. unfortunately our best chance for rain out of the next week appears to be coming in on saturday. right now 82 manassas, 82 washington, 81 fredericksburg. all sunshine and warm, high today near 87 degrees and a very pleasant evening for sidewalk cafes or backyard barbecuing. 83 the high in gaithersburg today, 86 in martinsburg. for today warm and sunny, noticeably less humid than it was over the weekend. for tomorrow there is a chance of some afternoon showers, but tomorrow's rain chance stands at only 30%. here's future weather through the rest of today nothing to worry about around town. just a couple of extra clouds moving in overnight tonight. and then a sunny start tomorrow.
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for a shower or two tomorrow afternoon. again, tomorrow's rain chance stands at 30% before we go back to very nice dry weather for the middle of the week. take a look at that weekend forecast and another update on tropical storm colin coming up. mr. president and the first lady are almost empty nesters. we're talking about the bald eagles at the national arboritum. the 11-week old freedom flew out of the nest for the first time yesterday. the american eagle foundation says freedom could possibly return to the nest for food and her brother liberty. such a good big sister looking out for liberty. >> oh, i know, the empty nest comes so quickly. >> it does. well, for only the third time in history the miss usa crown is on its way to our nation's capital. >> district of columbia. >> very impressive. she stunned audiences last night beating
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for the crown. the crowd went crazy for her strong answers on women in combat. >> we are just as tough as men. as a commander -- as a commander of my unit, i'm powerful. i am dedicated. and it is important that we recognize that gender does not limit us in the united states. >> barber is an i.t. analyst based at ft. meade. >> what a great ambassador not only for the city but miss usa and now gets to represent the entire country. >> and very bright and obviously very strong. falls church was one of the busiest stations this morning as commuters dealt with metro's safetrack program for the first time during the workweek. >> news 4 rode the train to show you conditions riders are facing. and new information on how muhammad ali will be honored in the next few days, including how
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new video just in to the live desk from an emergency landing at dulles airport. you're looking at video of this united express flight from philly to dulles that there was a call about a fire in the auxiliary power unit, that's what prompted that plane to declare an emergency and land
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the runways the fire crews can come check out the plane. as we understand the plane landed safely and was inspected by fire officials, no damage, no fire found there. no report of any injuries either. and the plane was able to move on to the gate after the fire crews were done with their inspection. latest from the live desk, barbara, back to you. thanks, aaron. the entire country is remembering muhammad ali this morning and this week. in addition to a personal funeral service for his loved ones, there are major memorials happening that will be open to the public. nbc's jay gray is in louisville, kentucky, ali's hometown. >> reporter: hey there. and we continue to see fans showing up here at the muhammad ali center. many leaving flowers, balloons, some boxing gloves, notes for the ali family. it's been an outpouring since his death late friday. and we're learning more now about the public services that are planned here later in the week. first will be on
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islamic funeral prayer service. and it will be held at freedom hall friday. that will be followed by a 19-mile funeral procession through some of the areas in this city that helped form a young cassius clay before he was muhammad ali, speaking at a service lat later in the day here will be his wife lonnie, former president bill clinton, good friend comedian billy crystal and bryant gumable, the sports caster. that's something that will take place this afternoon. this morning we heard from laila ali, his daughter. >> i've prepared mentally for many years that obviously one day i was going to lose my father and the time has come. i think the whole world is sad. >> reporter: again, the family mourning privately right now. but understanding that muhammad ali belonged to the world. and we expect to see people from around the world here as the week continues. that's the latest from outside the ali center. i'm jay gray,
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this is the first weekday commute under metro safetrack program, and we want to see what you're experiencing out there, the single tracking and long await times could affect you not only on the rails, we're also seeing more traffic on the roads. be sure to share your photos with us by tweetin tweeting @nbcwashington or e-mailing. the first so-called safety surge in metro safetrack plan centers around the orange and silver lines. that is where riders can continue to expect delays this week and next week. >> through june 16th trains will be single tracking between the ballston and east falls church stations. that's where we find news 4's kristin wright. kristin, what's your ride like today? >> reporter: it was -- our ride was tight. i mean, i couldn't move. let me show you. our camera could barely fit on to the packed orange line train headed for
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we got on at east falls church and stood close to helen lopez who was wishing she got on the free shuttle bus to ballston. >> i ran up here to get on the train. and now kind of regretting that decision. >> reporter: riders regretted not showing up earlier because of single tracking between east falls church and ballston for metro's safetrack program. a few train malfunctions also slowed things down. >> i'd say normally about a third that you can find a seat, i've never seen it where no one else can fit in the doors. >> reporter: on the platform we met brian city waiting. >> i caught the train from metro center, from the red line transfer to here thinking i could get a silver line, and i haven't gotten one going in an hour. >> reporter: we saw work happening on the track. metro says they're working on a safer system, and that's what riders we talked to say is most important. >> i guess it's better sooner than later. >> i know it's necessary. i know there are a lot of problems, too many fires, too many dang
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be a hard squeeze for a while. >> reporter: brian who you heard from there who'd been waiting on the platform for at least an hour says tomorrow morning he'll leave rockville at around 5:30 in hopes of getting there by 8:00. i think a lot of people are feeling like there's going to be a new game plan for tomorrow. but now everybody has to get home this afternoon. so we'll let you know what happens there. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. and we have set up a special metro safetrack section in the nbc washington app. you can see all scheduled closures and stations near you will be impacted. just search safetrack. we are celebrating capitol pride week here and tonight back by popular demand, music evening of the night. right now joining us josh host and performer and the very talented wesley taylor to tell us about what's on tap tonight. so exciting. welcome to the city again. so, josh, y
11:34 am
already in the city for your musical virtuousty. but we want to know what you're singing tonight. >> oh, gosh. >> is it a surprise? >> well, some things are a surprise. >> okay. >> actually, my partner, james mcbride who is directing the evening we're deciding whether we're going i am what i am to open or we said -- what else did we say? optimist from south pacific. it's an upper. >> okay. and, wesley, you're known from broadway and nbc's hit "smash." tell us a bit about what you are wanting to do and about being a part of this for this day? >> i'm sort of continuing my love affair, i did a show last spring and that is i guess arlington, but it's the d.c. area. >> yeah. >> very much felt a part of -- thank you. a part of the community. and i go see theater arena
11:35 am
theaters in d.c. i think it's an amazing city full of talent. and a very exciting gay community as well that's thriving and lovely. >> and you are a part of "les miserables" right now. >> yes. >> so you're making time for this which is wonderful. tell us more about the lineup for the music tonight. >> the performers along with wesley we have kyle dean -- >> broadway star. >> a lot of broadway stars. >> and we have some amazing local talent in music in the night. i strive for diversity in terms of experience levels as well. so we have nova payton and roz white, but then we have grant saunders and farrell parker who are working steadily but aren't at the -- >> pinnacle. >> exactly. >> so mostly broadway or different experience in background and music and singing. >> oh, totally. tons of jazz stuff, i asked if she had music and she said i go by ear, but we have some people with full audition books. >> that's what i love about performers, this isha
11:36 am
this, start with that. >> yeah. >> is there audience participation? >> listen, the whole thing with music in the night once we get up -- >> dream -- >> never know. >> unpredictable. >> can you shout requests? >> you can make requests, whether i fulfill them is a whole other thing. but absolutely participation. >> and for anyone who might want to come, be a part of it, what can you tell us about time and tickets and that sort of thing. >> doors open at 6:30. general admission is $20. the show starts at p.8:00 p.m. we've moved to hamilton this year, bigger venue. table service. >> this is also not just for the gay guys thr, this is for every. this is lgbta and a stands for ally, straight allies, friends, families, colleagues, this is very important to us. >> it's an entire week packed with events. >> yeah. >> tell us more what to expect for the rest of pride week? >> on the 11th they're doing a parade. li
11:37 am
"will and grace" is the grand marshal. >> they have a pride festival and concert which meghan trainor will be at. >> stands red changes and ervegts we're having for the community. >> thanks for being here. good luck tonight. >> thank you. >> can't wait to hear what you're going to sing. >> thanks for having us. new report out this morning where you're most likely to have your car stolen. and it's turning into a beautiful monday. chuck is back after the break with an update on aidweek cool m
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does it seem like every time you turn around there's a new restaurant opening in the washington area? well, it's true. our city has seen a major growth in the restaurant industry, and that's good. not only giving us more great choices for dining out, but also it means more employment opportunities for folks who call our area home. and joining us to give us an id
11:40 am
restaurant industry is is kathy holinger of the restaurant association of metropolitan washington and an old friend of mine here from rock creek barbecue. i think i was probably one of your first customers, wasn't i? >> absolutely. >> great to see you both. john, i remember when you opened, it's been over, what, two decades -- >> 25 years. little scary. >> yeah, i know it is. have you seen a lot of growth in competition and clientele too over the years? >> absolutely. i think that's been one of the real success stories of metropolitan washington area and d.c. in particular, but we have seen record growth particularly in the last five years. and i think the restaurant industry has been a big driver to that. >> kathy, mental anguish lin just announced they're going to bring the guide to washington, that's a big deal because not many cities in the u.s. have the guide to check. >> right. >> what does this mean for you? >> it's huge. i think that we all feel so proud. we probably locally knew that this has been a dining
11:41 am
the talents that are right here in washington, d.c. and across the region. >> was it an overnight change? i mean, i remember when i first moved here nobody thought washington was a place to go to dine. what's bringing all the good chefs here? what do you think? >> well, i think in our nation's capital but also the world's capital very dynamic city as you know. used to be georgetown, dupont and adams but now the entire city is incredibly vibrant. >> that's amazing. back to the guide, they give out stars. i know that when you're traveling you can get a one-star, two-star, what's the most? four? >> four stars. >> so three? only three? sfwl three stars. >> we would be the fourth city to be judged in that fashion. i think that, you know, everyone feel
11:42 am
ready to receive that kind of acknowledgment and recognition. but it's also you can imagine a really tedious competitive process. so it will be interesting to see what happens in d.c. with michelin, but also if it were to extend to the region which we think is just as fabulous. >> yeah, it's going to go into virginia and maryland as well. >> that's right. >> i understand that's going to happen at some point. >> that's right. >> the big thing coming up the awards. >> sunday june 12th this is our 34th year, the rammies started in 1982 and may be a handful of restaurateurs that would come out and celebrate, now there are over 2,000 people that get together at the walter e. washington convention center. and it's truly a night where we celebrate accomplishments of those hard working individuals in food service. so we have categories where we recognize chef of the year, restaurant of the year, beer program of the year, wine program of the year, over 20
11:43 am
categories. it's really a magical night, it's the night they take off to celebrate, which we know is rare. >> so will all the restaurants be closed that night? >> well, i don't know about that. >> so you can dine there then? >> oh, absolutely. >> everybody has their tables. >> that's right. 5:00 is reception, 6:00 is awards program, 7:00 into 11:00 is eating, dancing, celebrating, foods that you experience locally but also international cuisine. so it truly is a fantastic night for industry. >> and who gets to vote on the winners? how are winners chosen? >> well, i would like to tell you exactly who, but it's actually a group of people who i'm not familiar with. it's by i don't want to say secret ballot but it's not a transparent thing. and we try and do it so it's fair. representative of the city. >> i know a lotd of people look forward to this night. and i think quickly tell me how they can get. >> so
11:44 am all the information online i think the today is the last day to buy tickets, but we're going to have to shut it down because we're almost at 2,300 people at this event. >> well, kathy and john, always great to see you. >> thank you. >> and good luck for this weekend. >> thank you so much. >> eun. >> definitely one of my favorite events of the year and i'll be presenting an award. can't wait to see you sunday. right now a sun is out, beautiful start to your workweek. chuck bell, is this going to last is the big question? >> yes, it is. at least for the next couple of days. but will it rain on the weekend? that's what we'll be answering in your question in just a few more minutes. >> all right. >> oh, let's answer it right now as it were. so it's also hurricane season in addition to the fact it smells really good in the studio because we've got some food on the griddle. we are already down to the third name on the list for the atlantic hurricane
11:45 am
this is the earliest in the season we've ever gotten to the third name on the list. we're now at tropical storm colin in the gulf of mexico. next name on the list would be danielle and earl and fiona. we're watching for that expected to be a little busier than average year. hurricane center expecting between 10 and 14 games this year. look at radar and you can see enormous amount of rain here southern georgia and most of florida, both the panhandle and peninsula getting hit hard with heavy rain. that's just the beginning of what will be a very rainy next 24 hours down across the sunshine state. there's tropical storm colin right now. that's where the center is and the official forecast track brings it close to the mid atlantic coast, but inside of this forecast cone here notice that we're only on the far northern edge down towards tide water, virginia. so we're not expecting a big impact from colin on our weather locally. outside right now just a beautiful day, couple fair weather cumulus clouds bubbling up out there. afternoon highs mid to
11:46 am
for tomorrow a little more cloud cover and may be a passing shower or two between about noon and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. and the next couple of days after that look really nice around here. highs in the 70s on wednesday and thursday with really low humidity. those may be some of the nicest days here in the month of june. unfortunately our next best chance for rain shows up on saturday. back over to the news. chuck, thank you. prepare to pay a little more at the gas pump this week. prices are up six cents compared to two weeks ago. right now the national average for a gallon of regular is $2.36. d.c.'s average is $2.52. in maryland you'll pay $2.34. best deals in virginia where drivers pay an average of $2.20 for a gallon of regular gas. new this morning, a new report on how to protect your car from getting stolen. the national insurance crime bureau put out a list of the places with the highest rate of car thefts. number one was modesto, california. california had eight places among the top ten. the group also recommended
11:47 am
thefts. it says warning devices like brake locks and wheel locks are a good way to protect your car. immobilizing devices are even better, things like smart keys and kill switches. finally, you can install a tracking device to find your car if it's ever stolen. we have a top chef in our studios right now it smells so good. >> i smell onions i think, garlic maybe. after the break he does a little cooking and tells us how he is part of a program encouraging students like these to cook and
11:48 am
11:49 am
11:50 am
cooking up change is a culinary competition that challenges high school students in cities across the nation to create healthy, appealing school meals. today winning teams will present their meals to congress. one of the judges of the competition is someone who you may recognize from "top chef," he was a favorite right here in the station. everyone thought you were going to win, just sayin. and he and of course em li carol with the healthy schools campaign is here as well. thanks to both of you for joining. emily, first tell us what is happening today on the hill. >> well, today healthy schools campaign and all the students competing in the cooking up change competition will be meeting with the secretary of education. and later today at the department of education we have ten teams from around the country participating in this cooking contest to highlight the importance of school nutrition. this of course is really important as the child nutrition act is up for reauthorization and being debated right now. >> wonderful. and we know that a lot o
11:51 am
a problem. chef, tell us, you say it's possible to create a nutritious delicious meal. what are you looking for in the competition as a judge? >> i'm looking for originality, creativity, and keeping up with the guidelines of the competition. not use too much added fat, sugar, salt and it's got to taste good. >> that's right. very important. you're going to make us something, yes, you can make a healthy meal. smells so good already. >> so i'm doing shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce. so i have a trinity here, kind of the basis of a lot of cajun creole cooking. i've added some garlic and onions, deglaze with a little w sauce. cayenne pepper, kids have to focus on adding flavor without fat. >> hdo
11:52 am
i have to be honest fat tastes good. >> but also smoky paprika tastes good, bay leaves taste great, little bit of tomato puree and shrimp stock. this is using the shells i used to peel this i used to make a stock with it. >> is that hard to do? do you add seasoning to the stock as well? >> you add vegetables and simmer for 30 to 45 minutes. >> how long do you let this cook now? >> pretty much until the shrimp are done, about three or five minutes. >> i think the hardest thing about shrimp and seafood is overcooking. is there a secret to making sure you're doing it just right? >> practice. that's about the only thing i can give you is practice. >> there you go. have you found the contestants impressive both of you, the people who were applying for this contest? >> oh, yeah, each one of our teams won these cooking up change competitions in their local districts and they have to compete under very strict
11:53 am
food service director across the nation faces. each of them are meeting strict nutrition guidelines, have to pick from limited ingredients and working with a very tight budget about a dollar per meal. >> i don't want to let you go without you telling us about the restaurant that's coming up at the end of summer. can you tell us about that? >> it's close. we're opening a small restaurant about eight seats -- excuse me, eight tables, 28 seats. >> very intimate. >> very intimate. it's a place to go when you want to celebrate something or you want to impress somebody. >> okay. can't wait to try it. chef, emily, thanks so much for joining us today. we'll be rig back. stahty
11:54 am
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a surprise kanye west concert caused quite a frenzy in new york city this morning. thousands of people descended on manhattan's east village after west teased a surprise concert. the concert ultimately had to be canceled as the crowd just grew and grew and grew. fans even climbed on cars and light posts and some car windows were smashed. hopefully it was an accident that that happened. the nypd says no arrests were made, that's a good thing. looks like the concert had to be canceled. >> lower humidity and sunshine, my kind of weather, chuck bell. >> yes, indeed. it's a beauty of a day outside already today. and the middle of the week especially the wednesday, thursday into friday timeframe that is looking extra spectacular, if there is such a
11:57 am
combination of words. 82 manassas, 82 washington, 83 fredericksburg. couple more degrees of warming to go. make it to about 87 this afternoon. back down to about 70 in the city. mid 60s in the suburbs. tomorrow could bring a shower or two tomorrow but not much in the way of coverage from those storms. then wednesday, thursday, friday that's going to be some of the nicest weather, i think, for the whole month of june. highs in the 70s, overnight lows upper 50s to near 60 in town, all the suburbs will be way down into the 50s thursday and probably friday morning as well. so get ready for some open window weather for sure. unfortunately our next best chance for rain comes in on saturday. all right. chuck, thanks so much. that does it for news 4 midday. thanks so much for joining us. we are back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> that's right. don't forget, you can get your news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. we hope you have a great day and look forward to having you with us in the morning skbl we're
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today on the meredith vieira show, we are talking what's hot now, a couple connecting on instagram, then married each other within seconds of meeting each other. is their hash tag happily ever after. gay, straight, jesse reveals why love shouldn't have a label. and hollywood couples devon franklin and meagan good open up why they waited to have sex until their wedding night. could you? and a 14-year-old beating the odds. his story will inspire you. >> he's a gift. there is not one day, not one moment i would change. >> it all starts right now on meredith! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪


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